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Not-So-Traditional Karaoke

In English, the Japanese word “Karaoke” means “empty orchestra.” Several years back, when Japanese radio stations invited just the singer and no band/backup, they used tapes with instrumental parts only, in other words, no vocal. So, karaoke literally meant “no vocal track with musical accompaniment only.” And the vocals are the only thing you have to bring to Easy Street Karaoke night. With a full light show, concert in house PA, 20’ radius stage, and any song you want to sing, not to mention the comic relief brought by MC’s Shane and Debbie – this ain’t your Grandpaw’s karaoke show.

Live Band Karaoke

All the fun of karaoke, with a live band backing you – with Easy Street live band karaoke, you really are a star! Add in full video recording capabilities from three different on-stage cameras, and multi-track audio recording capabilities from the sound booth, and you can go home with the makings of a pretty darn good promo package (or at least a fantastic social media post). Live band karaoke is a little trickier and takes a good bit of planning. If you see a show coming up and know you’ll be singing a song on the list, go ahead and let us know you’re coming with the form below. If you want to suggest a song for future shows, add it in with your name and where you’re from. Please note, however, that we can’t reserve your song unless you are at the performance, so get there early!