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What’s in a name?

My co-founders and I spent a great deal of time contemplating that very question. Let me tell you, it’s not simple to summarize the spirit of something in a couple of words. So, we all got together and thought about the best places we had been and how they made us feel. We all agreed that they all felt, in a word, easy. Places where we knew that everything would be second to none - the food, atmosphere, service, entertainment. Everything. That’s what we strive for here at our place, Easy Street. And we want your experience here to leave you with that very same “easy” feeling – in hope that this place becomes your favorite. So, on behalf of Katy, Debbie, Donald, and myself – sit back, relax, and above all enjoy yourself. 

Welcome to Easy Street! “You’ve Arrived.”


Easy Street

Whats happenin' on Easy Street

Bar 20 Taps and a full bar.
Karaoke Your time to shine!
What’s New Home of the Shane Givens Band!

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